Reusable Face Pads (x3)


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Reusable Face Pads are an essential part of your daily skincare routine; helping clean your skin of daily grime, oils and makeup. These super-soft pads are also durable and washable, making them an eco-friendly reusable choice.

The Reusable Face Pads (x3) are washable and reusable. The pads are super-soft yet durable, designed to gently clean your skin and not fall apart or fray from wiping over stubble. Use the pads with your chosen cleanser or toner to clear your skin of oils, makeup and daily grime.
Add a small amount of your chosen cleansing lotion or toner to the reusable face pad and wipe over your face and neck. The combination of the ultra-soft fibres of the pad and your chosen cleanser or toner will clear your skin of any makeup pigment or oils, leaving it clean and refreshed. Machine or hand wash the reusable face pads after every use following packet instructions.
Microfibre reusable fabric face pads to clear skin of makeup, oils and daily grime.

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