Face Sponges


The BUG for Men Face Sponges are the ideal tool for blending your tinted moisturiser or concealer, giving the most clean and natural looking finish. Made with a premium quality latex-free foam, these sponges are suitable for any skin type.

Packs Available:

1 x Blending Face Sponge
3 x Blending Face Sponges (Buy two, get one free)

Face sponges are the ideal tool to apply and blend our tinted skincare ranges such as our concealer or tinted moisturiser. Using a face sponge makes the application process easy, clean and hassle-free compared to using your fingers. The texture of the sponge also gives the most natural-looking coverage for a subtle finish.

The BUG for Men face sponges are the perfect match to apply our men’s tinted moisturiser or men’s concealer.
Lightly dampen the face sponge in water before use; this prevents the product from soaking into the sponge and gives a more natural finish to the cosmetics once applied to your skin. Use the pointed end of the sponge to apply and blend product into smaller and harder to reach areas (e.g. under your eyes and around your nose) and the wider and flatter parts of the sponge to apply and blend on the larger areas of your face. Use a patting and bouncing motion when using the sponge rather than dragging it across your face – this gives the best natural-looking finish. Clean and dry after use. Replace every 3 months.

The Perfect Match

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