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BE-BOLD | Blue Nail Polish for Men

“someone who is ready to take risks, be bold and is always successful in every endeavour.”

Colour: Azure Blue

Limitless Nail Ink is BUG for Men’s exclusive range of nail polish for men. Our nail inks are colour dense for a strong pigment and easy application. Your hands are your tools, so our nail inks have been designed to be hardwearing for long wear.

Size: 12ml
Make sure the tip of the brush is holding a small amount of the ink, removing any excess by dragging the brush along the inside edge of the bottle neck. The aim is to apply the ink colour in thin coats for the best result. Sweep the brush up your nail in three even strokes, starting at the bottom of the middle section of the nail, then again at either side to cover the entire nail. Apply at least 2 coats of the nail ink for the truest colour. Leave around two minutes between each coat. It can take around 1-2 hours for the ink to completely dry but you should be able to use your hands again carefully within 15 minutes after your last coat. Apply only to clean nails and prepped nails.
Nail Ink always looks best on well-groomed and prepped nails. Trim your nails using nail scissors or clippers to get them to a uniform length. Shape the nails using a file to give them a very slightly rounded finish and to remove any sharp edges. Before applying your nail ink, make sure that your nails and clean and dry, and free from any oils. Have the right tools for the job with our Oscar Nail Grooming Kit.

The Perfect Match

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Be Bold Nail Ink for Men


“Someone who is ready to take risks, be-bold and endevour for success”
BE-BOLD, a vibrant blue Nail Ink from the Limitless Collection by BUG for Men. Our azure blue nail polish for men has been named BE-BOLD after the cloudless skies that pose no limits to those who endeavour for success. BE-BOLD represents optimism, adventure, vibrancy and success.


UNIQUE AND POWERFUL. The Limitless Nail Ink collection has been specifically created for men to express their style without limits. Our Nail Inks are available in a range of unique and powerful shades – as individual as each man that wears them. BE-BOLD is a vibrant blue nail polish for men that’s refreshing and stylish to enhance almost every style.
Be-Bold Blue Nail Polish for Men


We've crafted the right tools for you to feel confident, empowered and giving you shameless perfection.
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